Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm back.

Okay, dear friends and fellow collar lovers.

I am *tentatively* announcing that I am willing to begin making collars again with a few caveats.

1. Please be understanding of my time constraints. I will respond to messages, emails, and facebook posts as quickly as I can. But I am a student in my last semester of law school, and I really truly do apologize if I am not as prompt as should be.

2. Please be understanding of my time constraints. When you have decided on and let me know what special collar you'd like for me to make for you, I will do my absolute best to have it to you in a timely fashion. This could mean waiting 2 weeks or so. I would rather no one wait any longer than that, I don't like to keep people in suspense but...please be understanding, just in case I have to shoot you a message saying your collar will take longer than I originally thought.

And 3. Please understand that I unwillingly had to change and raise my prices. Prices for the supplies to make these collars have gone up, and so I've had to raise mine. But I have tried to stick to prices that I think are fair.

    New prices are as follows:
    1 inch wide buckle collars- $11 total
1 inch wide martingale collars- $15 total

1.5 inch wide buckle collars- $20
1.5 inch wide martingale collars- $25 total

all prices include standard shipping

With all that being said, I am now OPEN again for you to send inquiries, questions, and orders. My preferred way to hear from you is via email.

Thank you, friends, if you are still out there and interested in what I have to offer in collars. You are why I am anxious to return to being crafty.

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