Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About my Buckle Collars

The traditional buckle collars I make are adjustable, snap together, with sturdy D-rings on them for tags and leashes to clip on. If you want something more causal than the martingale collars I make, these are ideal and a great price too!

For now, the only width I can make the buckle collars in is 1 inch. My collars can be made for dogs with neck sizes 12 inches and larger. Sorry to small dog owners, my hardware for the collars is just too big for really little dogs!

I have many fabric choices, as well as ribbon. If you don't see what you're looking for, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk about more options. :)

I am very proud of how tough my collars are, but I will say this in advance. I do NOT advise using these collars to walk a large dog who pulls a lot or very hard. I've never had a collar break yet, but I'd feel awful if someone's dog pulled hard, broke the collar, ran away, and ended up lost or hurt because of me.


Each Domestic (within the USA) collar order is $8.00. Period. That includes everything. :)
Shipping, hardware, fabric, and labor. Now for $8.00, that will include the cheapest shipping, usually taking about 4-5 days. And delivery confirmation as well; I'll send you the tracking number so you know where your order is.

International collar orders will cost $16 per collar.
I do not like to raise my prices but with the cost of shipping orders outside the country, unfortunately, I have to do so.

If you would like me to find special fabric aside from what I already have in my selection, I'll do my best to find what best fits your taste and what you want. Feel free to e-mail me and inquire Special orders are $10.

*If you find a fabric at your local fabric store that you just love and would really like to have a collar out of it, e-mail me! You can send me a small section of the fabric (I only need 12 inches), and I will make the collar out of that fabric AND credit you with $1.50 toward your collar order, making your finished product only cost $6.50. :) *

How to Order

1. E-mail me at marwagenaar@yahoo.com first. Please make the subject line "Collar Order" or "Collar Inquiry" so I know what the e-mail pertains to and can respond right away. I check my e-mails at least 3 times a day, so I will get back to you quickly, don't worry.

2. Select the fabric for your collar. My selection of fabric choices can be seen here;

You'll also find pictures of happy customers here :)

3. Once you have e-mailed me your fabric choice, size of your dog's neck, please send a check for payment through the mail or payment can be made through Paypal. When you e-mail me, I'll let you know my mailing address. Rest assured, any checks will be cashed right away.

4. As soon as payment is received, I will begin on your collar order. Within a day or two of receiving payment, the order should be done and mailed to you. I will then e-mail you the tracking number for the package so you can know where it is.


  1. WOW, Marissa -- this is amazing! I'm delighted you have your own business online and it's doing something you are exceptionally talented at and love. This is soooo cool. I wish we still had Deirdre so I could buy one for her. *sigh* Unfortunately, ALL my relatives have Chihuahuas ... seriously, Sheree' has one, Kay (Glynn's sister) has one, and her son has one.

    However, I DO have a marketing idea wherein I can buy some from you (perhaps 5-10 or so) next Spring and sell them at the Tea for Joy, especially since they are made from beautiful ribbons and such. Call me and let's discuss.

    You go, Girl! *lots of clappies*

    -- Auntie Dawn